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Solutions for safe water on board

You need safe water on board for a healthy crew and for a continuous operation of your business. As specialist in water treatment, we are aware of the challenges you face in your (drinking) water system. Providing enough water of good quality under the right pressure at the correct temperature. With our broad experience we supply you with made to measure solutions that are sound and have proven themselves on numerous platforms, rigs and vessels. Solutions by OJEQ are designed with sustainability and environment in mind. In many cases they result in a lower total cost of ownership.

By choosing OJEQ as the supplier of all your water related equipment you benefit from:

         Good water from production to consumption

  • Minimal downtime
  • Easy access to spare parts and consumables
  • Worldwide service
  • Fully stocked warehouse for short delivery times


Desalination by Reverse Osmosis (RO) has proven to be a reliable and economical means of drinking water production. We offer a wide range of high quality water makers. Your offshore demands and conditions are met in our proven and heavy duty design. Hundreds of our RO seawater desalination systems are in operation.



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